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This is an incredibly special vineyard. The Mt. Camel range sits in Central Heathcote and sits right along the thin line of the 500 million plus year old red Cambrian soils that make Heathcote soil so highly sought after. Michael was immediately drawn to the vineyard due to the clonal and rootstock selections that the vineyard contained. There are 16 different clone and rootstock combinations in the Shiraz alone. This produces a wonderful diversity of Shiraz styles, and Michael hand picks, ferments and ages each block separately to allow the individual character of each batch to shine through.

The Merlot has also thrived in this location. It normally ripens later than usual and seems to love the extra hang time it receives here. The Malbec block produces very pretty and aromatic wines and our Marsanne compliments the range nicely.

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"They (the Shiraz wines from Heathcote) are unsusally deep in colour, and this depth of coulour remains stable for an unusually long time. Flavour, too - inky dark, ripe and black - seems to be present in uncommon volumn"

Max Allen