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Wren Estate in Wines

About Wren Estate

Wren Estate is a boutique winery in the heart of the premium wine region of Heathcote, in Central Victoria, famed for high quality Shiraz production. Rth 500-550 million year old Cambrian soils that run through central Heathcote and the cool nights provide the perfect conditions for grape production.

The solis and climate of Heathcote are unique and contribute to the world class wines produced here. The red Cambrian soils that run through central Heathcote are over 500 millions years old and are the oldest soils in Victoria. The have a unique composition that Shiraz responds to incredibly well. The cool weather that runs through the Mt Camel range in central Heathcote also drops the temperature by 2-3 degrees compared to regions around it and this contributes an intense brightness and freshness in the wines.


Michael Wren

One of the most experienced and talented winemakers in Australia, has made wines across the world for more than 15 years.

Michael has taken ideas from wine making techniques in different countries and regions to create his own unique and stunning winemaking style, which has resulted in wines that he has made winning numerous awards, for example, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Decanter Platinum Medal. He chooses very specific grapes that best suit his winemaking style and that allow him to express himself through his wines in a way that reflect his personality and love for wines.

As a professional wine maker, Michael melts wine making into his life and
his theory. He inspects hundreds of vineyards across multiple famous wine regions across Australia to ensure they are obtaining the best grapes for every level of their wines every year. From large scale production to very small, super premium boutique batches, Michael prides himself on attention to details, making sure every wine reaches its full potential.

Michael insists on the use of traditional methods. In order to minimize the negative impact of machine, only natural yeast is used in the process of fermentation. Michael always follows every stage of winemaking: tastes grapes and wines everyday, grades and makes wines with responsibility and enjoyment. All these behaviours guarantee the high quality of Wren Estate wines.