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Wren Estate in Wines

About Wren Estate

Wren Estate is a boutique winery in the heart of the premium wine region of Heathcote, in Central Victoria, famed for high quality Shiraz production. The 500-550 million year old Cambrian soils that run through central Heathcote and the cool nights provide the perfect conditions for grape production.

The solis and climate of Heathcote are unique and contribute to the world class wines produced here. The red Cambrian soils that run through central Heathcote are over 500 millions years old and are the oldest soils in Victoria. The have a unique composition that Shiraz responds to incredibly well. The cool weather that runs through the Mt Camel range in central Heathcote also drops the temperature by 2-3 degrees compared to regions around it and this contributes an intense brightness and freshness in the wines.


Michael Wren

Michael has spent over 15 years in the wine industry and his passion for wine has taken him across the world. After completing his degree in Oenology (Winemaking) at the University of Adelaide he spent the next 10 years doing vintages around the world including as a flying winemaker for Esporao, one of Portugal’s best producers. He has also done vintages in the Napa Valley in the U.S, the Yarra Valley, Nagambie and Mudgee as well as spending time researching Shiraz in the Rhone Valley in France. After working in many regions, Michael set his sights on Heathcote to start his own project. The soil quality, intricate and unique balance of climate and temperature conditions and the incredible fruit that results from these conditions made Heathcote the region of choice. He was lucky enough to find the vineyard he was looking for in 2017 and the winery was quickly put together just in time for the 2018 vintage.

Michael uses his knowledge and experience gained over more than 20 vintages around the to produce wines that reflect the best of Old and New World techniques. The use of ‘lagares’ (low, open fermenters) that have been a feature of Douro (Portuguese Port wine producing region) wineries for centuries are particular favourite of Michael’s to ensure the highest quality wine. Hand picking, whole bunches included in the ferment and foot treading are also features of Michael’s winemaking that give Wren Estate wines a point of difference that is reflected in the wines.